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In IPD’s recent 360° Insights report and podcast episode on aflibercept 8 mg (“high-dose” Eylea), we introduce our NEW Primary Market Insights, which evaluates shifts in treatment paradigms that could redefine target patient populations, drug management strategies, patient access, and other factors that may impact overall market potential. We tailor questions for discussion with physicians, specialists, and payers to explore pipeline agents, approved products, and market events that are likely to catalyze these shifts and summarize the findings.


In the comprehensive report and episode, you’ll find key findings from discussions between IPD experts, retinal specialists, and payers regarding Regeneron’s aflibercept 8 mg that is under review with the FDA. Further, we examine Eylea’s intellectual property protection in the US and abroad, clinical data, payer reimbursement, and financial outlook, providing a 360° view of the market landscape. 

  • Aflibercept 8 mg Overview

    • Clinical Trials

    • Current Regulatory Status

    • Competition

    • Physicians’ Perspective

    • Current Concerns

    • Cost Comparison

  • Eylea Biosimilars

    • Regulatory Protections

    • Competition

    • Viatris/Biocon

    • Litigation

    • Trial Details

      • Trial Date

      • Decision Date

      • Appeal 

      • Decision Impacts

    • Biosimilars in Europe

      • Key Barriers to Competition

      • Infringement and Validity Estimation

    • U.S. Launch

    • Payer Perspective

      • Cost

      • Avastin

  • Key Takeaways



"This episode is going to be a little different than our usual setup. We're actually going to use this time to talk about Regeneron's aflibercept 8 mg, or sometimes referred to as high-dose Eylea; one of the recent topics of our 360 Insights reports. Now, if you haven't read one of these 360 Insights reports before, you're in for a treat. These reports examine products or sometimes companies from every angle providing a comprehensive analysis of intellectual property protection, clinical data, payer reimbursement, and financial outlook pulling insights form IPD's various platforms. In addition, this specific report was our very first that included our primary market insights, as well. And if you haven't heard of our primary market insights, they provide a window into how payers and providers see evolving disease areas in new products. And we do this by developing and moderating discussions with disease-area experts, compare those responses with strategic insights from our very own IPD experts, like the ones on this recording. So, we're going to see some of those payer and provider responses highlighted throughout this conversation to provide even more color on the topic of aflibercept 8 mg..."

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