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IPD's forecasting solution maps unique, catalyst-driven forecast methodologies to critical points in product life cycles, providing clear, timely, and actionable forecasts.

Utilize a comprehensive online database detailing critical forecast input data and discussion around key catalysts

With IPD's fully transparent forecasting platform:

Leverage timely alerts to track how shifts in key catalysts alter forecasts as market conditions change

Review our proprietary forecast scorecards to quickly assess the most meaningful attributes of a launch

Our comprehensive, customizable forecasts cover: 

  • Brand Launches (Small Molecule and Biologic)

  • Generic Entrants

  • Biosimilar Launches

  • 505(b)(2) Entrants

  • Multi-source Product
    Market Share Tracking

View our curated analogs with expert commentary based on critical forecast factors

Consult with the experts writing the reports and developing the forecasts

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