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Review Formulary Management Considerations for Opportunities and Strategies and P&T Committee Planning Support

Access Published Guidelines, Health Outcomes, Pharmacoeconomics, and Clinical Trials

Anticipate Market Shifts, Pipeline Events, Manufacturer
Life-Cycle Management Strategies, and

Financial Implications

Understand Key Clinical, Cost, Utilization, Reimbursement, and Market-Competition Factors

IPD's Payer & Provider Insights combine advanced pharmaceutical landscape market visibility with a team of Executive Clinical Pharmacists to provide comprehensive pharmacy and therapeutic management strategy, supporting formulary, clinical, contracting, and market-access decisions.

Our subscribers gain around-the-clock access to IPD's proprietary web platform, real-time alerts, comprehensive reports, new drug reviews, podcast episodes, and expert consultations.

  • In-depth analysis regarding drug availability, clinical data, clinical pipeline tracking, evidence-based clinical pathways, preferred products, and site of care

  • Disease class-specific strategy reports, drug alerts, pipeline trend reports, and new-drug reviews


  • Assessments of potential new brand product prevalence and pricing impacts prior to launch


  • Extensive trend analysis examining brand vs. generic clinical pathways, cost-effective therapies, and payer perspectives


  • Pricing specific to competitive landscape including generic-launch projections, FDA action dates, sales, therapy costs, and price changes


  • Trend reports highlighting disease classes and drug events important to payers, systems, and manufacturers throughout the country

  • Clinical criteria, formulary coverage, step therapy, and limited distribution network tracking

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