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IPD’s Mexican subscription offers transparency and improved

forecasting to this highly complex market, featuring:

  • Easy-to-use Mexican brand, biosimilar, 

       and generic launch tracking schedules

  • Mexican litigation tracking and

       in-the-courtroom coverage with

       real-time updates

  • Personalized consults with local Mexican intellectual property analysts ​

  • Weekly updates including trending Mexican drug topics, recent publications, and

       loss-of-exclusivity information

  • Comprehensive Mexican clinical development tracking in every major disease class

  • Complete drug information with locally reviewed Mexican indications

World Map Highlighting Mexican Litigation Coverage

"Can you give us a brief overview on how Mexico is unique?


...First, it is very hard to find cases. Third parties have limited or practically no access to case files, and publicly available information about cases, most of the time, is too limited or moot. You need to monitor cases in courts, or you will miss vital information. Our staff spends many hours every week searching for new cases. Finding c ases and connecting a decision to a drug, patent, or regulatory exclusivity is very challenging.


Second, Freedom of Information requests are key for regulatory exclusivities, pending generic or biosimilar applications. Because COFEPRIS, Mexico's drug regulatory agency, publishes almost no updated information of these applications on its website, our staff files strategically prepared Freedom of Information requests in order to monitor these applications and exclusivities.

Third, Mexico has numerous courts at every level, only in Mexico City, there are 16 District Courts and 23 Circuit Courts that can handle cases related to patents and regulatory exclusivities. However, all patent infringement and invalidity cases are heard at IMPI, Mexico's patent office."

Our International Legal Analysts discuss the the Mexican patent and regulatory system and how it compares to the United States, including:

  • Unique features of the patent and regulatory system in Mexico

  • Availability of case information and documents

    • Limited access to files​

    • Court monitoring challenges

    • Freedom of information requests​

      • COFEPRIS​

    • Numerous courts​

      • Mexico City Courts​

      • IMPI

  • Regulatory exclusivity​

  • Infringement and invalidity cases​

    • IMPI​

    • Recurso de Revision

    • TFJA (administrative affairs federal court)

  • Technical opinions

  • Contentious Division

  • Patent Division​

  • Litigation timing​

    • First-instance​

    • Second-instance

    • Administrative affairs appeal

  • Preliminary injunctions​

    • Reliance on patent linkage system​

Listen to our podcast to learn more about the Mexican patent and regulatory system

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