IPD's Payer & Provider Insights + subscription includes Access Hub, IPD’s newest payer and provider resource, offering limited distribution network tracking, clinical criteria and formulary coverage information, therapy cost analytics, and more.

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Limited Distribution Drug Network Tracking

Stay on top of limited distribution drugs and their networks as the specialty drug landscape continues to expand. Until now, payers and providers have struggled to monitor shifting limited distribution networks, making it harder to provide these critical medicines to patients. 

IPD’s limited distribution coverage is designed to centralize fragmented information on these networks to help organizations supply these drugs as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Therapy Cost Analytics

Dive deep into current and historical drug costs, evaluating entire disease classes, manufacturer portfolios, and individual drugs, to spot trends and monitor changes in the marketplace.

Using efficient dashboards, identify increases or decreases in costs, stay on top of new brand approvals, make better predictions about future marketplace conditions, compare competitors in various classes, and analyze specific groups of drugs.

Formulary Coverage Across Leading Insurers

Improve your current market visibility with insight into how national and regional payers are managing their formularies, including in-depth status and restriction information for specific drugs, disease classes, and manufacturer portfolios.

By normalizing disparate data from a set of leading formularies, our clinical research team makes it easy to compare across plans, spot trends, and identify best practices.

Clinical Criteria Benchmarking

View clinical criteria across leading plans in just a few clicks, including every step that plans are using to manage a specific therapy.

Collected from six major national plans, IPD’s clinical criteria and step therapy information provide an efficient way to benchmark your criteria against others or serve as a baseline for new step therapy strategies.