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Understand payer and prescriber perspectives on impactful new drug launches with IPD’s qualitative, quantitative, and syndicated Primary Market Insights.

With IPD’s Primary Market Insights, explore new-entrant adoption and prospective payer management with key takeaways from moderated discussions and comprehensive surveys with key opinion leaders, disease-area experts, physicians, and payers. 

IPD’s two-pronged primary research approach allows for a comprehensive review of 
new-entrant adoption and prospective payer management.

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Qualitative Insights
Deep discussions to explore assumptions, understand motivations, and uncover catalysts for success or failure take place between respondents and IPD experts prior to potential product launch


Quantitative Insights
Expertly curated surveys 
with questions that further explore topics from our qualitative findings are completed by targeted respondents continuously after product launch

IPD gathers key insights to predict success in the market, answering questions like these:

Is the product endorsed by key opinion leaders?

How will payers cover the product?

Is it easy to
monitor efficacy and/or side effects?

Is the product easy to administer?

Our expertly moderated discussions and continuous surveys power IPD’s succinct coverage on new-entrant adoption and prospective payer management offered through our Primary Market Insights subscription.

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