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IPD’s complete medical drug-code (HCPCS/CPT) validation solution utilizes current industry guidelines to develop coding, billing, and reimbursement information to ensure efficiency, compliance, accuracy, and strategy identification.

CODESOURxCE, IPD's medical drug billing and reimbursement platform, provides access to:

  • A complete NDC to HCPCS crosswalk with detailed code-level information


  • Historical pricing and continually updated current pricing at the code-unit level, including trends


  • NDC billing-unit and pricing information including NOC guides that accurately reflect NDC bill-unit values for difficult-to-bill new drugs


  • Drug cost information at the code-unit and treatment-cycle level, enabling ‘apples to apples’ comparisons of lower cost alternatives

  • NDC-level price-per-code unit calculations 


  • Custom comparisons with the ability to upload rebate and acquisition costs

  • Max dose information with customizable weights and surface area settings

  • Single-dose wastage based on available NDCs


  • CMS payment limits


  • Medicaid Drug Rebate Program information identifying specific NDCs that are part of the program


  • ICD-10-CM and related administration code information

  • Information and pricing for J-Codes, A-Codes, B-Codes, C-Codes, P-Codes, Q-Codes, S-Codes, and APC Codes

Take advantage of our data downloads, customizable to fit internal systems:

  •    NDC Crosswalk

  •    Pricing History

  •    NOC Crosswalk

  •    Max Dose

  •    ICD-10 Codes

  •    Competitive Landscape

  •    Medicaid Rebate

Covering these impactful
price points:

  •    Average Sales Price (ASP)

  •    Average Wholesale Price (AWP)

  •    Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC)

  •    Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC)

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