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Hospital systems depend on IPD Analytics to enhance their pharmaceutical landscape visibility and identify proactive management strategies for cost containment, drug profitability, revenue optimization, and improved patient outcomes. 

IPD partners with hospitals and IDNs to:

  • Improve clinical outcomes and lower pharmacy spend

  • Optimize formulary design

  • Enhance supply chain and inventory management

  • Foresee future management opportunities sooner for improved planning

  • Educate provider networks ahead of changes

  • Medical drug-code pricing and reimbursement information

  • Economic impact models to understand future budgetary impact

  • Help pharmacy revenue cycle teams to ensure reimbursement and optimize drug profitability



Take advantage of

in-depth analysis and strategic advice surrounding drug availability, clinical data, key pipeline events, evidence-based clinical pathways, preferred products, and

site of care.


Avoid hidden contracting pitfalls by understanding future marketplace conditions, including launch timing and identity of generic, biosimilar, and new-brand entrants with up-to-date, unbiased information from a trusted, fully independent source. 



Forecast shifts in the specialty landscape around new-product launches, biosimilars, and specialty generics 

in order to stay ahead of the curve for strategic partnerships with payors, pharma manufacturers, and internal executives.


Maximize revenue capture, streamline claim submission, and quickly understand unit conversions and billing amounts with complete medical drug-code validation data, which can be integrated into
internal systems. Additionally, h
elp revenue cycle management teams understand drug profitability more accurately.

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