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As we help to shape the healthcare industry, we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding place to work for our employees, with intelligent, collaborative teams, heavy focus on user experience and innovation, open communication policies, and much more. 

Help us shape strategic decision making across the healthcare industry.

 Our insights provide transparency around drug pricing and distribution, effectively working to make decision-making across the healthcare industry more intelligent. At IPD, you will come to work every day knowing that you will be challenged, valued, and part of something that is meaningful and needed in the marketplace.

Grow professionally every day.

Whether you're just starting your career or you're a seasoned professional, we're committed to providing an environment where our employees can learn and grow at every stage of their career. We encourage continued education, reading, research, and study of best practices in every facet of our business.

Work collaboratively with colleagues from around the globe.

While we can see the beach from the offices in our headquarters located in sunny South Florida      , we work with individuals from around the globe, bringing insights that are enriched by varying backgrounds and business environments. This helps us serve our global subscriber base in over 45 countries with intelligent, relevant insights.

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Innovate, create, and iterate.

Our highly educated and talented team takes innovation and intellectual stimulation to the next level as we strive to provide a best-in-class work product. We are consistently coming up with creative ways to offer innovative products that disrupt the industry, helping drive more educated and thoughtful decision making in an efficient way.

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