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Managed care organizations utilize IPD Analytics for unmatched visibility into the future pharmaceutical landscape alongside independent guidance and insight to support formulary management.

IPD partners with payers to strengthen decision making providing access to:

  • Forecasts for pricing and market shifts

  • Formulary and utilization management for lowered pharmacy spend and improved outcomes

  • Strategies for improving transparency with PBMs

  • Drug contracting for better rebates, reimbursements, and price protection

  • Medical drug-code pricing and reimbursement information

  • Budget impact models to understand future budgetary impacts 

  • Limited distribution network listings, formulary criteria planning tools, and current and historical drug pricing information



Take advantage of

in-depth analysis and strategic advice surrounding drug availability, clinical data, key pipeline events, evidence-based clinical pathways, preferred products, and

site of care.


Avoid hidden contracting pitfalls by understanding future marketplace conditions, including launch timing and identity of generic, biosimilar, and new-brand entrants with up-to-date, unbiased information from a trusted, fully independent source. 



Look at trends examining brand vs. generic clinical pathways, cost-effective therapies, and payer perspectives with comprehensive insights, data, and reports  highlighting specialty-drug classes.


Ensure accurate reimbursements, avoid costly overpayments, and employ lower-cost strategies with complete medical drug-code validation data, which can be integrated into
internal systems.

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