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With IPD’s Regional Life-Cycle Insights Subscriptions, efficiently monitor loss of exclusivity, brand and generic entry, patents threatening innovator products, shifts in the competitive landscape, current and future conditions, and litigation events affecting the global market, including:

Map highlighting US, EU, JP, CA, AU, NZ, BR, MX, IN, KR, RU, TW, and CN

IPD's specialized trackers cover the global pharma market, including supplementary protection certificates (SPCs), country-specific regulatory exclusivities, and ongoing litigation, such as oppositions, infringements, and trials for invalidation across the globe, for improved:

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Market access strategy

  • Brand, generic, and biosimilar launch projections

  • Global clinical pipeline tracking

  • Loss-of-exclusivity analysis and forecasting

  • Identification of gaps in the marketplace

  • Drug life-cycle management strategies

  • Litigation-outcome forecasting

  • Ongoing and historical litigation event tracking

  • Patent protection monitoring

  • API (DMF) information

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