Together with IPD’s loss-of-exclusivity analysis and litigation insights, GPS can bolster intellectual property and competitive intelligence efforts, providing a comprehensive way to search, track, and analyze patents across 50+ countries with coverage
of over 110,000 patents.

Our GPS analysts use a proprietary, bottoms-up approach to link patents to drugs, construct families, determine expirations, and verify patent types, providing accurate, up-to-date, country-specific information, including: 

  • Patent family, loss-of-exclusivity, key patent, and extended family views 

  • Verified, accurate point-of-novelty and formal patent typing

  • Statuses, expirations, and patent term and pediatric extensions

  • Patent applications, expired patents, and other relevant patents 

  • Patent register indicators (United States, Canada, Mexico, China,
    Korea, Taiwan, etc.)

With this robust new patent search solution, find complete, accurate, analyst-driven information to understand patent protection from a global standpoint, strengthening your competitive intelligence and intellectual property research efforts and complementing your US Life-Cycle Insights and Global Life Cycle Insights subscription.