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Limited Distribution Drugs 101 Part 2 Podcast Episode

April 2021

Limited Distribution Drugs 101 Part 2  Podcast Episode

In this episode of IPD's Drug & Clinical Review, our Executive Clinical Pharmacy is back to add more insight on limited distribution drugs and their networks. As the specialty drug landscape has expanded, payers and providers have struggled to stay up to date on shifting limited distribution networks, making it harder to provide these critical medicines to patients. IPD's team discusses this complexity and why it's important to track limited distribution networks.

Topics included in this episode:
- Understanding Limited Distribution Networks and Why they Exist
- Specialty Pharmacies
- Manufacturers and Specialty Drug Launches
- Tracking Limited Distribution Networks
- Limited Networks versus Specialty Drug Distributors

"I know that before Access Hub, there was always an in-stream of questions asking if there is some sort of repository for understanding which drugs have limited distribution. Why do you think this information is so key to our subscriber base?

...that's an important question because there's not really publicly available lists that we're aware of. It's key information to know, but it's really hard to accumulate this information and maintain this information. The list of LDD drugs and their distributors changes daily. Pharmacies are added or deleted by the manufacturer. Especially in the first year or so, we find that that's when the list of specialty pharmacies distributing a certain drug changes the most. Also, there's always new drugs being approved, so there's new specialty drugs coming to market that you have to add and maintain to that list. And, again, as we spoke, IPD Analytics is now maintaining a database of this LDD information for our subscribers."

Limited Distribution Drugs 101 Part 2 Podcast Episode
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