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Biosimilar Pipeline Report

January 2024

Biosimilar Pipeline Report

IPD’s semiannual Biosimilar Pipeline Report for 1H 2024 provides an outlook for potential approvals and launches across the biosimilar landscape over the 2024–2027 horizon.

In addition, the report examines trends in average sales prices (ASPs) of both reference products and biosimilar products that have ASPs. As utilization of biosimilars has increased, we have noted a trend of decreasing ASPs; certain reference products have experienced dramatic decreases, including Herceptin (29%), Neulasta Onpro (81%), and Remicade (63%).

Subscribers can use this report as a companion to our online Clinical Development Tracker within our Payer & Provider Insights platform, which provides up-to-date clinical pipeline information on thousands of products across various disease classes and therapeutic areas. In tandem, these reports deliver insight into trending classes that will affect the competitive landscape and your drug spend.

Biosimilar Pipeline Report
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