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Drug Pipeline and Trend Impact Report
1H 2024

February 2024

Drug Pipeline and Trend Impact Report 
1H 2024

IPD Analytics has released its Drug Pipeline and Trend Impact Report 1H 2024, a semiannual publication that highlights late-stage pipeline drugs with the potential to significantly affect the competitive landscape and payer drug spend across trending drug classes.

For each of the 37 drugs identified as having potentially high impact, the report provides an assessment of clinical efficacy and safety, expected place in therapy, approval outlook, estimated cost, and information regarding the reimbursement and distribution channel.

“The striking thing to me about the 2024 pipeline is the amount of innovation that we’re seeing,” says Julie Kendle, a Director of Clinical Pharmacy at IPD. She continued, “like 2023, there are again lots of new gene and cellular therapies, but we’re also seeing really innovative biologic and small molecule agents with mechanisms of action that promise new ways of treating diseases. While the rare disease space is always interesting, in 2024 we’re seeing some really interesting new products in more common disease states like diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and even heartburn. But of course, all of this innovation comes with a price, which will be especially challenging for payers to manage as these potentially blockbuster products come to market.”

Marina Sehman, also a Director of Clinical Pharmacy at IPD offered, “from a Behavioral Health perspective, I feel like 2024 is a catalyzing year for innovative psychiatric drug development. For example, we have Karuna Therapeutics’ KarXT (xanomeline/trospium), which is a novel, first-in-class agent for schizophrenia that has the potential to become a new standard of monotherapy in schizophrenia, a disease state that has a significant unmet need for new approaches to pharmacologic treatment. Then there is MDMA (midomafetamine) from Lykos Therapeutic’s (formerly MAPS PBC), which has the potential to become the first psychedelic-assisted therapy approved by the FDA for PTSD; regardless of approval outcome, the NDA submission and overall quest for approval of this agent will ultimately provide key insights and learnings which will inform the navigation of the FDA’s regulatory pathway by future psychedelic pipeline agents.”

IPD Analytics releases this pipeline report and its biosimilar counterpart twice yearly to its network of subscribers, which includes payers, providers, brand and generic drug manufacturers, Wall Street investors, and other industry stakeholders involved in the pharmaceutical value chain.

Drug Pipeline and Trend Impact Report 1H 2024
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