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Prescription Digital Therapeutics: Guide for Manufacturers

September 2022

Prescription Digital Therapeutics: Guide for Manufacturers

The utilization of digital therapeutics (DTx) has increased in recent years, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the growing interest in DTx, manufacturers have increased their investments in this space, and there is a robust pipeline of DTx products.

In this paper, we will focus on a subset of DTx products known as prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs), which are only available as a prescription through consultation with a healthcare professional. Currently, there are over 10 PDTs on the market, with more expected to enter the market within the next few years.

Although it is often difficult to ascertain the sales and utilization information for PDTs, we have drawn on our deep experience to outline the primary factors that we believe will determine the success of future PDT products. In addition to identifying these factors, we also provide specific guidance for manufacturers to consider in designing and marketing their PDT products.

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