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Humira Budget Impact Analysis & Biosimilar Management Report

November 2022

Humira Budget Impact Analysis & Biosimilar Management Report

The 2023 launch of biosimilar versions of AbbVie’s Humira (adalimumab) will represent the largest loss-of-exclusivity event in the history of pharmaceuticals (based on Humira’s annual sales of over $20B) and one of the most important formulary management and financial decisions for payers, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and hospitals in recent memory.

Starting in late January 2023 and continuing through 2024, 14 or more biosimilar Humira products may launch, including both original-formulation (50 mg/mL) and new, high-concentration (HC) formulation (100 mg/mL) products. At this time, approximately 85% of the sales volume is in the new (HC) formulation. Several products are likely to launch with an interchangeability designation, although the significance of this designation for the product’s clinical or financial success with payers, pharmacies, hospitals, and manufacturers is unclear. It is likely there will be a wide range of pricing formats offered by AbbVie and biosimilar manufacturers for their products. Formulary decisions by payers and PBMs could significantly impact the financial performance of their pharmacy benefits over the next few years.

For hospitals that dispense Humira through 340B pricing, this conversion to biosimilar Humira may also impact financial performance. As additional intelligence is available, IPD Analytics will continue to update subscribers with information that may impact management decisions.

This report will help stakeholders in the industry understand the major topics surrounding this market shift, including biosimilar launch, pricing, and budget outlook, management opportunities, hospital reimbursement strategies, and more.

Humira Budget Impact Analysis & Biosimilar Management Report
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