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What to Look For in the Pipeline, Misconceptions of Drug Approvals and More with Jeffrey Casberg

Briana Contreras, an editor with Managed Healthcare Executive, and Peter Wehrwein, managing editor of MHE, got to chatting with the newest editorial advisory board member, Jeffrey Casberg, who is vice president of Clinical Pharmacy at IPD Analytics.


By Briana Contreras | Original Article

In the discussion, Casberg shared the most pressing or prominent issues on his mind, he explained what the drug life-cycle is as IPD, and what the latest is on drugs in the pipeline. Casberg also shared his predictions for Sarepta Therapeutics' DMD drug for young children and Mounjaro's Type 2 Diabetes Drug, and even touched on some common misconceptions he notices about drug approvals, pricing, and cost.

Visit the link to listen to the podcast.


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