IPD Analytics

Advanced decision-making support

IPD Analytics provides syndicated solutions that combine proprietary analysis and well-researched data to forecast new product entry, loss of exclusivity, and other competitive factors impacting product positioning and life cycles within healthcare and technology sectors.

Subscribers of IPD Analytics streamline commercial evaluation processes by gaining unmatched visibility into projected shifts in the competitive landscape. Such visibility has supported investment, forecasting, procurement, and formulary decisions for our subscribers since 2002.

Utilizing a unique combination of legal, clinical, and managed care expertise, IPD Analytics conducts deep fundamental research to develop industry-leading product life cycle insights.

Investment firms and pharmaceutical manufacturers use IPD’s syndicated solutions to better understand how legal outcomes, regulatory decisions, and payer strategy will impact competitive positioning. IPD’s comprehensive analysis allows subscribers to conduct such evaluations easily at the product, company, and disease level.

Members of the managed-care, hospital, and supply-chain industries utilize IPD's clinical intelligence and management strategies to support contracting, procurement, inventory management, and formulary decisions.

Medical Technology